PATWA ASSOCIATES is a management-consulting firm based in India, a leader in providing project management and management consulting services to Across India & Abroad. . Since the beginning of our journey in 1997, PATWA ASSOCIATES‘s management Consultant offerings include: Project Management Consultant, Third Party Inspection and Value Engineering.


" We have a group of professional consultants of multidisciplinary, who are highly skilled and experienced in the projects of different categories, which will provide our client an ease of single window management solution. "

PATWA ASSOCIATES helps our clients achieve success on projects so they can fully realize their expected business outcomes.

Our Mission Is ...

"To transfer knowledge, provide leadership and deliver exceptional results to our clients."

We achieve our mission by building and fostering long-term client relationships that exceed expectations for quality, flexibility and service. Our effectiveness is a product of our work practices where we will lead by example, maintaining and improving our own business management systems. Our energy comes from our work, which is respectful, rewarding and fun, providing opportunities for learning and growth.